Food Attitude

Food is our blessing and our curse.

We must eat in order to live, but eating can not be what gets us through the day.

It is our great hope that these recipes and food ideas will open the doors to new possibilities. Our Meal Plan is somewhat restrictive. But meals can be prepared with love and the food can be nutritious and enjoyable.

The recipes posted on the Recovery Food Blog are suggestions only. The Cooks in Recovery do not venture into the realm of "Food Police." Our Abstinent Meal Plan changes as the person progresses from their first 30-days, beyond 30 days and into maintenance.

All recipes are not appropriate for all abstinent people all the time.

This is also NOT a forum for discussing what is and what is not abstinent. Such comments will not be posted.

Ultimately we are each responsible for our own abstinence and it may be necessary to discuss these recipes with your sponsor. For information on the our recovery Program, Meal Plan and Sponsors see the links on the "How We Do It" page.